Wednesday, October 6

Buttercream Part 1

Hi Everyone,

Today I'm gonna share with you on how to make buttercream for cakes/ cupcakes decorations.
What you have to buy from the Baking Store?

>> Shortening/ Krimwell (1kg)
>> Unsalted Butter (250g)
>> Icing sugar (500g - depends on the buttercream mix)
>> 2 tbsp of Milk/ Water


1) Put in the shortening/ Krimwell in the mixer
2) Turn on the mixer in the low speed
3) Let it creaming in 15-20 minutes (can modify the mixer to medium speed)
4) Once the batter looks white and creamy.. put in the butter in a small chunks.. bit by bit
5) After the batter mixed well, drop in the milk.. slowly at one time
6) Pour in the icing sugar... one tbsp at a time till the batter look stiff.
7) You may decorates your cake/ cupcakes using nozzle icing...

Happy trying!


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