Wednesday, November 16

Vanilla Beans

Heyya followers,

On this lovely day, I would like to share some secret on Vanilla Beans. Have you ever watched the cooking show like 'Sugar' by Anna Olson or 'Oliver Twist ' by our talented Jamie Oliver? They always use the real vanilla beans to make desserts or dishes taste DIVINE... From my experiences, they proved it without any single doubt. I'm pretty sure nothing can't beat this guy :p

Usually you just need to get the cured vanilla pod/stick.(you can get it from the baking stores) Grab a knife and cut it through along the vanilla stick. You need to split up the edges and scrape out the beans using the tip of your sharp knife. That's it! Easy beezy!

You may use this as the flavour to make vanilla ice cream, choc chips and any desserts which requires vanilla extract. Just replace it with this magical beans, you'll be satisfied once tasting the end result. It's unbelievable!

So, SHARE WITH US on how you use vanilla beans in your dessert. Some mystery gift is waiting for the BEST sharing comments. :D


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